Remote Actions for Orchid Extender

The Remote Actions package, and accompanying REMOTEACTION module, are used to integrate Orchid Extender’s Workflow for Sage 300 with to securely collect well formatted, validated, data from users or customers from beyond the corporate perimeter.


Remote Action version 6.0 introduces flexible handlers. If you’re upgrading or installing new, please have a quick read of the handlers page.

The package contains Workflow actions for Orchid Extender that make it simple to create an approval form that can be completed from any computer, phone, or tablet connected to the internet.

This documentation includes information on using the included Workflow actions to create remote approval forms, configuring handlers, setting up the poller, a description of the form client that is used to connect to, and instructions on how to customize a form to meet your needs.

If you want to get up and running as quickly as possible, check out the quickstart guide.

Looking for a comprehensive walkthorough of creating a workflow built around a remote approval? Try the leisurelystart.

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